Wednesday, September 11, 2013

FBI Tenth Birthday

It's been a while since FBI Radio put on a music festival, maybe a couple of years. The last FBI changing lanes festival in Surry hills was pretty fun, All i remember was good beer, pleasant weather and how much i liked Pivot (PVT) before they introduced vocals.

That brings us to the festival on Sunday, FBI Radios tenth birthday at Carriage works. I was fairly excited about this festival and fairly sceptical at the same time. Were they going to be able to pull this off or would it be a shambles?

Well not only did FBI pull this off, they pulled me off!!! ah maybe too far.

The festival site was perfect with one huge outdoor mainStage with good sight lines, two indoor stages that were completely dark and perfect the HipHop and Dance stages and an indoor / semi outdoor cavern for all the indy/ psyche/ not so mainstage bands. the token system worked pretty well and you never had to line up to long for a drink (even if it was budwiser).

My day started with an extreme hangover, which makes getting excited for loud music and large crowds just that little bit harder. I made a massive effort to get in to the festival to catch the whole set from Kirin J Callinan. This was well worth it with Callinan living up to his reputation of putting on an "interesting live show".  Interesting and amazing it was with way II war and Victoria M being the highlights among many. The day was starting off well.

Next up i checked out Worlds End Press and The Preatures who didn't really do it for me. In between this i checked out Dj sets from legendary Dj's Stephen Ferris and Simon Caldwell which were pretty fun. The night really got moving when Seakae hit the stage. Man, i've seen Seakae plenty of times and they seem to only get better and better, This coupled with the worlds obsession with Flume style future beats made a pretty banging set with the crowd getting super into it. I said to myself before seakae started that once they played Bloodbank, i would cruise and go see The Laurels. Well they played Bloodbank about halfway through the set and i had to leave and move on.

The Laurels were good, but i was probably a little too pumped up from Seakae to really get into it. Still i'm glad i finally got to see them live and it's all the easier with a cold beer in hand. It was pretty much food time so i got in the line for a grilled burger. Grabbed my burger and went go see Thundamentals "first Sydney show in 8 months" (so i'm told). Either way they do what Thundas do well and thats put on a banging live set. They even went through some of Tuka's solo tracks, you know the one " puff another double, rub ya mummas bootie" etc.
Thundamentals doing what they do best

Hermitude were next up on the Mainstage, and they absolutely belted it out. The crowd were into it from the get go and Hermitude were showing no respite. As with seakae i've seen Hermitude many times and seen the progression from cruisy hip hop instrumentals to banging Presets remixes, and have loved every minute of it. But i made a promise to my girl that i would cruise and see Sarah Blasko, and thats not such a bad thing, i don't think. Blasko was cruising in stripped back mode, Just her and a dude on piano, this let her amazing vocals fill the room. This was a super nice set and also conveniently close to an empty bar, that i could get rid of my remaining drink tokens at. Yew

I'd been pretty excited as soon as i found out Cloud Control were the secret band to headline the not so main stage (stage number escapes me). Cloud Control are probably one of my favourite Sydney bands and they killed it. They moved through tracks from their new album like Dojo Rising and Happy Birthday and old favourite like meditation song #2. This was really the best way to end the festival, i was frothing to see Cloud Control, missed all their Sydney shows and now i got a last chance before they head back to London. double Yew

Over all the festival was probably the best festival i have been to in Sydney from many years,  I haven't been to a festival in Sydney with such a good vibe since Earth Dance was BYO (remember that?). If this happens again i wouldn't sleep on it.

Big ups FBI Radio this was a rad day.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sounds Of The Suburbs

 Space44 present the sounds of the suburbs festival going down south of Sydney on Saturday September 12th. Two years in the making, “Sounds of the Suburbs” is an over 18 lane way festival jam packed with great music, food and culture located deep in the southern suburbs of Sydney. Space 44 have become infamous for turning a small shitty house with a bad attitude into one of Sydney’s most respected and popular independent art galleries. And now, they take on the lane way in which it fronts by instaling 2 stages and inviting 14 bands to come and smash them to pieces with their brand of music. Over one massive day in one little high energy laneway, good times will be going down. Sounds of the Suburbs will include everything you already loved about Space 44 and more! Such as the LAW (Live Art Wall) that will transform Wilbar Lane into an explosion of talent and colour. The rich and zesty style of Mexican food from El Sol will compliment the top class sangria from The Scorpion Bar. The line up includes:



Hit UP the Sounds of the Suburbs website HERE for more Info


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

OutsideIn Festival 2013

I missed the 2012 edition of Astral People and Yes Please's OutsideIn festival. I  had a wedding on or some other engagement that stopped me from attending and i'm still pretty bummed to this day. As far as i know Thom Yorke doesn't just turn up to any old festival and hang out.

The 2013 festival lineup was announced a while back. Yes i have been Lazy about posting this bigtime. Anyway here's the bio i ripper from their website that explains the whole thing a lot better than i can.

OutsideIn is a boutique cultural adventure set to refine Sydney’s burgeoning musical landscape. More specifically, it’s out to achieve what every good musical event should be: A brilliant lineup, beautiful weather, tasty food, refreshing drinks, great company and of course, unbeatable music with a bespoke line up of international future-stars to appear over three stages.

It’s also out to achieve all this without staking your pockets. Excellent music should be accessible to everybody and OutsideIn is proud to offer one of Sydney’s most relevant events for a price that will leave you plenty of room to move (and a lineup to make it happen).

With a specially selected roster of left-field talent and underground superstars (many of whom are making their first ever trip to Australia) OutsideIn is not just a festival, but a showcase of musical highlights from Australia to the Future. Boasting three stages loaded with some of the world’s most forward-thinking musical talent, OutsideIn intends to instill a mind & body ranging collection of bands, producers, DJ’s and artists, specifically selected via a partnership between Sydney tastemaker touring and artist management agency Astral People and Record Label Yes Please.

Alongside two stages of futurist home-grown & international talent, Sydney cultural epicenter Goodgod Small Club will be curating a tropically luxurious outdoor side-stage with a roster of foot tappin’, head swirling, booty popping goodness to make you dance the only way they can. Expect palm trees and/or the unexpected.

With a limited capacity, expect a takeover above all your wildest dreams. Gliding through Sydney’s Factory Theatre on November 10th, OutsideIn will be keeping an accent on the future and an eye, as always, to the stars…

For More info hit up "Their website" for more info

The Lineup:

Zomby (UK)
Freddie Gibbs (USA)
Astral People presents Since I Left You (AUS)
BadBadNotGood (CAN)
Jam City (UK)
Objekt (GER)
Laurel Halo (USA)
Mark Pritchard (UK / AUS)
Cosmo’s Midnight (AUS)
Oisima (AUS)
Andras Fox & Oscar Key Sung (AUS)
Rainbow Chan (AUS)

+ Many More TBA

Sunday, June 23, 2013

DaftSide - Random Access Memories Memories

So I have never been the biggest Daft Punk fan. I like some of their music and fully understand why it's influential and all that, I just feel like their output ain't that great. I went to their live tour in 2006?  it was pretty cool and yeh i got heaps bent and watched the pretty light show. BUT, i don't think it was the life changing experience that everyone was claiming it to be. The sound was bad, the whole day was ramshackled, remember the ticket/dance floor access business so EVERYONE arrived early to wait in line for hours? Anyway that's not Daft Punks fault.

So the news of their new album comes out and the whole musical world goes apeshit. It's definitely has some nice moments. There is a rad list of guests like Pharrell, Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder and Panda Bear. The production is smooth and it IS a good album. But there was allot of hype and i feel  maybe more then deserved.

So now we get some news that excites me a lot more than the original release. Daftside (Darkside) which is Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington have remixed the whole album and uploaded it on the Interwebs. I listened to this in one hit and it is soooo dope. i would really like to get a download of it, even though I'm sure the low Bit rips will come in time. So kick back with a beer and some good headphones and have a listen.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

At First Sight

At First Sight is a new festival/day that's looking pretty damn fun. It's sporting an amazing line-up as well as a record fair. Instead of trying to paraphrase the press release I'm going to be lazy and copy and paste it in, so here it is Via the Carriageworks website.

It’s no news; the independent record store is an endangered species.  At First Sight is a day dedicated to anyone that still buys vinyl, sees gigs or likes to experience music culture in the flesh.  FBi Radio’s Dusty Fingers host Marty Doyle will transform Carriageworks into a musical utopia bringing together the country’s most exciting artists and DJs while hosting a record fair comprised of Sydney’s best independent record stores, labels and private dealers.




For More info and tickets go HERE

Monday, June 17, 2013

Lakey Peak 2012

So after nearly a year and a whole bunch of procrastination, i finished my first ever edit from my trip to Lakey Peak in July 2012. This has been a long running project that keeps getting put on the backburner for months. It has seen me move through several songs that i wanted to use, but could not decide one i liked enough. The waves on the trip weren't amazing but still super fun and a mad get away after finishing my last ever uni exams 2 weeks earlier.

I'm hoping to get more clips happening in the next few months with a few already in the pipeline. so stay tuned

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another Every Other Premier

Another every other is a skate video project by all round legend George Kousoulis. GK has been toiling away for months with a bunch of Sydney skaters and filmers to make this vid happen. There's plenty of footage of some Sydneys best like George, Pup, Billy Lukins, Demos and some other dudes I've never heard of like Dean Palmer, Dane Burman and Jake Hayes, Hmmmm. Anyway it's going down this Saturday at Oxford Art Factory from 6pm. Supported by the legends from lodown Skateshop so you know it will be loose. More info here